Warm Roof

A warm roof (for low slope roofs) is “a roof where the roof insulation is installed on top of the structure” i.e. insulated from the outside of the building. One if the benefits of a thermally efficient warm roof is the transfer of a building's dew point to the outside. This prevents internal dampness of structural materials and negates the need for vents that would normally allow air to escape.


Liquid Coatings

Liquid waterproofing is the process of making a surface or object water resistant in given conditions by applying a liquid coating to it. The liquid coatings, whether single-or multiple-component, are easy to apply and provide long lasting protection to metals, wood, concrete and other surfaces.

Sealant Application

Sealant Application: We supply / applicate a range of sealants commonly for precast panels. Including Fire resistant sealants. Floor jointing requiring high adhesion and high A Shore hardness. Our sealant application technicians are experienced and certified in their chosen professions.


TPO and TPE Systems

TPO: Thermoplastic Polyolefin. Single layer system with added advantage of the wider roll width, up to 3.6mtrs. Complementing the TPO is the Fleece back range, great as an overlay for expired roofs. The Ryno Bond system (TPO) has many advantages as an overlay for expired membrane roofs (see our special projects page)

Tanking Solutions

All tanking products have great accessories / systems and work extremely, well however due to site conditions and or time of the year the benefits for Bentonite tanking is such can be used 24/7 365 days of the year. We commonly use Preproof 160, Bituthene 3000, and (all peel n sticks) Deboflex torch on and (all below ground torch ons) Bentonites (including Rawmat - prehydrated for saline conditions) and Proofex Engage.

Tanking Solutions
torch on

Torch On - Membranes

TORCH ON: Of recent years most suppliers have introduced new cap sheet membrane that are vastly improved and are extremely better than the “older original” membranes. The greater development has seen the chip finish, stone / ceramic chip having a greater UV ability and importantly very little chip loss.